Our store is up and name only, at this point - but it's better than nothing, right?! It's new to our little corner of the web and once we upload all of our swag on here, the gates will be opened and you'll be able to get all your favorite Midnight Cattle Callers gear!  Stick around for all the fun! 

GO FUND ME - This is our fundraiser page for Aloha to the Stars.  Many of you may not realize how much it actually costs to produce a full length album such as this...In order to keep the MCC on an independent record label (BIG THICKET RECORDS) we need to come up with the primary costs of production, but we need to get it to you, our fans, and the only way to do that is with your help!  Please follow the link and donate what you can to help off-set the costs of this project so we can get it on your hands all the sooner!  Thanks guys!  We have exciting things coming around the bend, so make sure you stop back here often...and bring a friend!

We have been telling you that the day would come, when the Midnight Cattle Callers would need your help to fund the launching of our newest project...well, that has come.  We need your help!  There are pros and cons to an independent record 1: Freedom of creative expression. pro 2: Not owing a group of unknowns for the rest of your lives. pro 3: Choosing when and where you want to play.  Con 1:choosing when and where you play. con 2: Having to pay out of pocket for everything in the creative process. con 3: having to rely on credit cards for everything.  This is why we need your help.  The MCC is in need of funds to help offset the cost of recording, duplication, publication and distribution of our new album, Aloha to the Stars.  Please, click the LINK HERE, watch the video and donate what you can to help us get a little closer at bringing this wonderful piece of art to the masses!  Thank you in advance - s&d and the rest of the MCC!

P.S. feel free to watch the video here...but to donate click here!  Go Fund Me.

The day is getting closer!  We (the MCC...duh...of course, right?  I'm mean, who else would we be talking about!?) are heading into the studio at the end of the month to start tracking our new album.  We are also running with a kickstarter campaign to help us out with the costs of making this beast!  Keep en eye out for that as we get closer to launching it - we'll let you know how you can help!  FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

In studio the other day re-mixing and remastering selected tracks from 1st album - turned out GREAT!  We'll be re-releasing said tracks in single versions very soon, so keep an eye out for that.  ALSO - very promising pre-production meeting for our second album!  Good things are coming, we promise! 

VERY close to scheduling session dates...looks to be in the Sept time frame.  the MCC has been on a short break (due to the baby and all) but we'll be coming back out the gates stronger than ever, with a few added tricks up our sleeves!  Be sure to check out our facebook for all the up-to-the-moment news and information...

Well...Jackson Thomas Sutton is here and Momma and Baby are doing just fine!  The MCC has been in a holding pattern as of late ajd we're sorry for not being out-and-about as much as you and we would like - but rest assured we will be back soon enough!  Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and iPods!  Take care!  ~ Seth 


The Deth Squad has a baby on the way!  Yes, you heard it here first folks - the Sutton herd with increase by 1!

ALSO - Pre-production has begun on the MCC's sophmore effort.  Our working title is "Aloha to the Stars" (after the song by the same name)...but we'll see where it takes us.  Release date is, as of yet, un-announced - by looking at early Spring.

What a much needed break!!!!  Alrighty folks - the Midnight Cattle Callers are back, refreshed and ready to swing!  Check out our TOUR schedule to see where we'll be this summer and pass it on to your friends! 

Going to the Jammie Awards!

Here is a nice Pre-Jammie article from the Rapidian about the MCC.  Thanks guys! 

Vote here for 88.1FM WYCE Listener's Choice Award!

The Midnight Cattle Callers have been nominated for 5 Jammie Awards from 88.1FM WYCE.
1) Best New Album
2) Best Americana Album
3) Best New Song (Ramblin' Cat)
4) Outstanding Female Vocal Performance
5) Producer of the Year

Here's the Interview with Seth with the Goldmine Pickers for the Traditional Arts Indiana magazine.

The Midnight Cattle Callers are now on PANDORA RADIO

Our own Dee Foster has been nominated for Outstanding Female Vocal Performance for the 2011 Jammies Awards hosted by WYCE 88.1 FM out of Grand Rapids,Mi.  And as if that was not enough - the MCC's self-titled debut album has also been nominated for Producer of the Year as well!  You can look at the other nominations and more here: WYCE Jammies XIII Official Nominations.

Seth was interviewed by the Traditional Arts Indiana magazine - so look out for that article soon!  We'll post it as soon as we get it. 

Now follow the MCC on twitter!

The Midnight Cattle Callers brand New album Midnight Cattle Callers recieved a 5 out of 5 star rating and was chosen as May's album of the month from Country Music People Magazine!   (Read the review in our Press section)

Here is an interview with Seth on WJRW 1340 AM on the Tony Gates Morning Show with a writeup by John Sinkevics on Mlive.

Happy Birthday Seth!  The MCC will be playing a show with Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours TONIGHT in Grand Rapids, Mi.  For more information follow our Tour tab

Catch the Midnight Cattle Callers with Wayne "the Train" Hancock for their CD RELEASE party!!

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